Presently, 115 full time faculty members are serving the Institute, of which 66 faculty members possess Ph.D degrees. Thirty four faculty members are pursuing their Doctoral Programme. Twenty one faculty members are from IITs and IISc, Bangalore. There are 35 Professors, 37 Assistant Professors and 43 Lecturers (Selection Grade, Senior Scale and Lecturer) and one faculty member from department of Physical Education, Bangalore University. In addition sixty reputed and experienced teachers as Guest and Contract faculty are rendering their services. The Teacher Student ratio is 1:17. Sixty percent of the faculty possesses Ph.D degree. More than One thousand research papers have been published in National and International Conferences and Journals till date.

List of regular Faculty

Principal : Prof. Venugopal K R

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I Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sl n.o Name Designation
01. Dr. K.V.Sharma Professor & Chairman
02. Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar Professor
03. Sri. M. Vishnu Kumar Professor
04. Dr. Sarala upadya Professor
04. Dr. Sarala upadya Professor
05. Dr. G. Harish Selection Grade Lecturer
06. Dr. N. Lakshmana Swamy Professor
07. Dr. B.K. Muralidhar Professor
08. Dr.B.M. Rajaprakash Professor
09. Dr. S. Ranganath Selection Grade Lecturer
10. Sri V. Ramamurthy Selection Grade Lecturer
11. Dr. C.K. Umesh Asst. Professor
12. Dr. Shivarudraiah Asst. Professor
13. Dr. H.C. Chittappa Selection Grade Lecturer
14. Dr. H.N. Vidyasagar Asst. Professor
15. Dr. Chandrashekhar Bendigeri Asst. Professor
16. Dr. H.K. Shivanand Asst. Professor
17. Dr. Shantharaja M Lecturer
18. Sri. Hanumantharaju H.G Lecturer
19. Sri G. Prem Kumar Lecturer
20. Sri. R.Rajashekar Lecturer
21. Dr. Saravanan R Lecturer
22. Dr. Paul Vizhian S Professor

II Department of Electrical Engineering

Sl n.o Name Designation
23. Dr. D.K. Ramesh Asst. Professor
24. Dr. V Satyanagakumar Professor & Chairman
25. Ms. M N Suneetha Asst Prof.
26. Dr Y. R. Manjunatha Asst Prof.
27. Dr. E G Shivakumar Asst Prof.
28. Dr. B P Harish Asst Prof.
29. Mr. D Venkatesh Sr Lecturer
30. Mr. M V Kashinath Sl Gr Lecturer
31. Ms. B C Sujatha Sl Gr Lecturer
32. Mr. T S Prasanna Sl Gr Lecturer
33. Ms. H S Veena Sr. Lecturer
34. Mr. H R Ramesh Lecturer
35. Mr. K P Guruswamy Lecturer
36. Mr. J Madhusudhana Lecturer
37. Ms. K P Shobha Lecturer
38. Mr. T N Raghavandra Lecturer
39. Mr. N Manjappa Lecturer
40. Mr. H Prasanna Kumar Lecturer
41. Mr. C M Maheshan Lecturer

III Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sl n.o Name Designation
42. Dr.Narendra Kumar. G Prof. & Chairman
43. Mr.Venugopal.B.K Reader
44. Dr. Raja.K.B. Asst.Prof
45. Mr.Sreenivasa Murthy.A Asst.Prof.
46. Dr.Suresh Babu.K Asst.Prof.
47. Dr.Gurumurthy.K.S. Professor
48. Dr.Sudheer.M.L. Professor
49. Mr.Hanumanthappa. S Lecture

IV Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Sl n.o Name Designation
50. Dr.Venugopal K R Professor
51. Dr. P Deepa Shenoy Professor
52. Dr. Thriveni J Asst Prof.
53. Dr. Manjula S H Asst Prof. & Chairperson
54. Aruna latha J S Asst Prof.
55. Champa H N Asst Prof.
56. Dr. Dilip Kumar S M Asst Prof.
57. H S Vimala Sr.lecturer
58. Syed Noor Fathima Sr.Lecturer
59. Pushpa C N Lecturer
60. Lata B T Lecturer
61. Kiran K Lecturer
62. Venkatesh Maski Lecturer
63. Tanuja R Lecturer
64. Dharmendra chauhan Lecturer
65. Samyama Gunjal Lecturer

V Department of Civil Engineering

Sl n.o Name Designation
66. Dr. H.N.Ramesh Prof. & Chariman
67. Dr. B.R.Niranjan Professor
68. Dr. V.Devaraj Professor
69. Dr. H.Sharada Bai Professor
70. Dr. Usha N Murthy Professor
71. Prof. M.V.Raghavendra Rao Professor
72. Dr. M.S.Amarnath Professor
73. Prof. G.R. Harish Professor
74. Dr. B.Santhaveerana Goud Professor
75. Dr. B.S.Nagendra Prakash Professor
76. Dr.A.S.Ravikumar Asst Professor
77. Sri M.Keshavamurthy Asst Professor
78. Dr. L.Manjesh Asst Professor
79. Dr. S.Gangadhara Asst Professor
80. Dr. M. Inayathulla Asst Professor
81. Dr. G. Suresh SR Lecturer
82. Sri A.V.Sriram SR Lecturer
83. Dr. Shivakumar J Nyamathi Asst Professor
84. Dr. P.S. Nagaraj Asst Professor
85. Dr. B.Vishwanath SR Lecturer
86. Dr. Sadath Ali Khan Zai Asst Professor
87. Sri.S. Bhavani Shankar Asst Professor
88. Dr. L. Govindaraju Asst Professor
89. Dr. A.Krishna SR Lecturer
90. Dr. B.P. Annapurna SR Lecturer
91. Sri. N.Jayaramappa Lecturer
92. Sri T. Kiran Lecturer
93. Sri H.A. Vijayakumar Lecturer
94. Smt. H.B. Rekha Lecturer
95. Dr. K.V.S.B. Raju Lecturer
96. Sri.H.C. Muddaraju Lecturer
97. Dr.Chethan. K Lecturer

VI Department of Architecture

Sl n.o Name Designation
98. Prof. K V Guruprasad Professor
99. Prof. D Azad Professor
100. Prof. S V Ravindra Professor
101. Sri. M Nagendra SR Lecturer
102. Sri. Haroon Salim SR Lecturer
103. Sri. Satyam J Vora Lecturer
104. Sri. Pedagadi Pavan Kumar Lecturer